The Canada’s Food Island Gift Card* is a project of Food Island Partnership, an industry-led organization tasked with growing the food industry through food company and food cluster development on Prince Edward Island. Our vision is to establish Prince Edward Island as an internationally recognized place of origin for premium food products and a destination for culinary excellence.

Who accepts the gift card?
Please visit our online merchant directory to find out where you can redeem your Canada’s Food Island Gift Card- Locations Island-wide.
Where can I purchase Canada's Food Island Gift Cards?
Starting September 28th, gift cards can be purchased Island-wide at Mel’s Convenience, Murphy’s Pharmacy and Co-op locations in Souris, O’Leary and Tignish. Please visit our website to find a retailer nearest you: giftcard.canadasfoodisland.ca/retail-locations/
When will Canada's Food Island Gift Cards be available?
Gift cards will be available at participating retailers starting September 28th, 2020. * We have currently sold out of Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards * and will be re-stocking October 26th to our retail locations.
How long will gift cards be available at the 20% savings?
The 20% off savings will be available while supplies last. Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards will be available to purchase year-round at full value. They make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and employee incentives!
Where can I check the balance of my gift card?
Visit giftcard.canadasfoodisland.ca or call our toll free line at 1-800-755-8608 to check your card balance.
What if I have a problem with one of the gift cards?
Check your balance online at: www.getmybalance.com
• Purchases exceeding the card balance will be declined. For example if you are trying to purchase something for $65 and the balance of your card is only $50 you will need to inform the merchant so they know to do a split tender. Otherwise the transaction may be declined.
• If you’ve checked your balance online or by phone and are still having trouble with your gift card, please contact us giftcard@foodislandpei.ca
Do I have to activate my gift card?
No! Gift cards come already activated- it’s just that easy. Purchase your gift card at your nearest retail location and start swiping at your favorite Island locations.
Does my gift card expire?
Gift cards do not expire. Please note that the card is not reloadable, and you cannot make cash withdrawals.
Can gift cards be used to make online purchases?
Depending on the merchant, you may or may not be able to use the gift card online. Please verify with the specific merchant if they have an online sale component. Unfortunately online payment providers do not allow split payments via websites please check the balance on your card – purchases can not exceed the available limit on the Canada’s Food Island Gift Card.
What happens if my card gets declined?
If you are trying to use the card to pay for a transaction that exceeds the card’s available funds, the card will be declined. For example, if your card has a balance of $40 and you are trying to pay for a transaction of $50 , the card will be declined. In this case, you will need to request to have $40 applied to the card. Please keep track of your balance, so you know how much to apply to your gift card.
Can I purchase a gift card online?
Currently, gift cards are only available for purchase at retail locations Island-wide: giftcard.canadasfoodisland.ca/retail-locations
What are Stay and Savour Packages?
We have partnered with accommodations Island-wide to offer great rates that include a FREE gift card(s) when you book. The more nights you stay, the more gift cards you receive! View the accommodations directory giftcard.canadasfoodisland.ca/accommodation-directory
Is there anything else I should know about the gift cards?
Maximum of $300 Retail Value in Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards per person. Gift cards are sold in $50 increments.
Can I pay for my accommodation with a gift card?
Yes, some accommodation partners accept the gift card as payment. Please refer to the merchant directory for which locations accept the gift card.
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